Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the Season

Mom has forgotten to help me with my blog for the last couple of weeks! Sorry friends. Every time I would nudge her towards the computer she would say, "Not now Fulmer, there's too much to do." She's been in the kitchen baking, out shopping, and putting paper around things that she buys! She's also been busy with what she calls "last minute school stuff" because apparently due to this Christmas thing Mom gets out of school for two whole weeks! I think I can handle wearing the awful Santa suit to have Mom with me for two weeks. So now she says that she'll help me make up all the blogging days that I missed. She said it would probably be a better idea to make a list of all the things that happened to give everyone a taste and then go back and write my story about them. So here goes:
1. My Gigi brought my new Santa suit over and they made me wear it. (UGH!)
2. Mom had a rain day at school and stayed home with me! (in the South, we don't get snow- so if it rains too much they let school out)
3. Playing with the Christmas tree and trying to help Mom and Daddy unwrap the presents (but they say it's too early)
4. Talk of a new pug
5. A strange man coming to our house and making it stink
6. SPA DAY!!! (and my snazzy pic with Santa...I'm glad it's him wearing the suit this time!)
7. Cozying up to Jasper...and she likes it!!!
That's pretty much my last couple of weeks in a nutshell. And yes you did read correctly...Mom and Daddy are thinking about getting me a little brother or sister!!! And this time I didn't hear the word baby with it. I heard PUG!!!! I've been trying to be extra good so they will hurry up, but they say it may be awhile. Until then...Fulmer


  1. Wow, Fulmer a brother or sister! Our Mom gots a rain day too, it was her first and was like really, but whatevers she took it and spent it with us!

    You looks good with Santa like a professional picture pugger taker.

  2. Dude! you had to wear a Santa suit AND sit on a Santa lap????

    I hope you got LOADS of cookies for that.

    I'm a little jealous about the new pug. I love brother Dutch, but I'd love him more if he was a pug.

  3. Hi Fulmer! I can't wait to read more about this pug sibling! Is that for sure? My mom and I have been asking dad for a puppy pug for ages, but daddy said he can't have more pug fur in the house (he is allergic) so instead he ordered a baby sibling for me that will arrive in 6 months! Mom is getting fat in the meantime...
    PS Happy New Year!