Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the Season

Mom has forgotten to help me with my blog for the last couple of weeks! Sorry friends. Every time I would nudge her towards the computer she would say, "Not now Fulmer, there's too much to do." She's been in the kitchen baking, out shopping, and putting paper around things that she buys! She's also been busy with what she calls "last minute school stuff" because apparently due to this Christmas thing Mom gets out of school for two whole weeks! I think I can handle wearing the awful Santa suit to have Mom with me for two weeks. So now she says that she'll help me make up all the blogging days that I missed. She said it would probably be a better idea to make a list of all the things that happened to give everyone a taste and then go back and write my story about them. So here goes:
1. My Gigi brought my new Santa suit over and they made me wear it. (UGH!)
2. Mom had a rain day at school and stayed home with me! (in the South, we don't get snow- so if it rains too much they let school out)
3. Playing with the Christmas tree and trying to help Mom and Daddy unwrap the presents (but they say it's too early)
4. Talk of a new pug
5. A strange man coming to our house and making it stink
6. SPA DAY!!! (and my snazzy pic with Santa...I'm glad it's him wearing the suit this time!)
7. Cozying up to Jasper...and she likes it!!!
That's pretty much my last couple of weeks in a nutshell. And yes you did read correctly...Mom and Daddy are thinking about getting me a little brother or sister!!! And this time I didn't hear the word baby with it. I heard PUG!!!! I've been trying to be extra good so they will hurry up, but they say it may be awhile. Until then...Fulmer

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom and Daddy are Home!!!

Mom and Daddy went to Nashville over the weekend to go to the Titan's game. They said it was an awesome game. I don't know because Auntie Megan watched me and Auntie Megan doesn't like football. Anyways, I was excited for them to come home because Mom and Daddy went Christmas shopping early Friday morning and they didn't come home with anything for me!!! They said they were going to a huge mall called Opry Mills and that they would get something for me there. I waited all day Saturday and all day Sunday for them to come home. When they finally got home they said it was bed time and they wouldn't unpack yet. So I had to wait again all day today for them to get home. They finally got home and unpacked their goodies. I got a Titan's football and a Titan's t-shirt!!! I'm so excited. They also bought a Smokey doll but they said I'm not allowed to have it because it's for someone else...something about a baby. I'm sure I'll just accidentally find it one day and accidentally play with it. 
I was so glad to have Mom and Daddy home. I miss them when they leave. I just want to lay in their laps when they get home. So that's what I did tonight. I was excited about my new toys, but most of all I was excited that Mom and Daddy were home. Maybe tomorrow I'll play with my new things. Until then...Fulmer

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where's the turkey????

    Not under the t.v.!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate it but it feels so good!

I would have to say that getting groomed and cleaned is my least favorite activity ever. A close second would be getting dressed in a santa suit. Normally, Mom takes me to Pet Smart so they can steal my stink, make my teeth feel smooth, stick things into my ears, trim my nails (which I don't mind because that just means that Mom doesn't have to do it), then file my nails. They also give me a special pug treatment where they steal the stink between my folds! How dare them! I can't believe that Mom actually pays people to take away my hard earned stink. 
Anyways, I've noticed that Jasper also gets groomed, but she likes it. It must be because she's a girl. I was watching Mom brush Jasper one night and I wondered why she never brushes me. I got kinda jealous. So Daddy decided to give it a try. It made me feel like a sissy! I tried to make Daddy remember I'm a boy (since they seem to have forgotten because they also stole my boy parts - gah what's with the stealing?) by running circles around him. But the more he brushed me the better it felt. I finally decided to sit still for him. Then I realized that I'm a boy puppy. I'm supposed to be crazy hyper and not sit still for anything, so I gave in to my inner pug and went haywire. Daddy finally gave up. So long brush! Until next time...Fulmer

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paw it Forward...My turn!!!

I am so excited about all my new things that Sequoia and Petunia sent me that I am going to paw it forward. If anyone is interested in playing please email your name and address to my mom at

Until then...Fulmer

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paw it Forward

I have new toys thanks to Sequoia, Petunia, and their mom!!! Today my mom was checking the mail that Uncle Kyle brought in. There was a huge package and normally when there's a package it's Kyle's because his family lives out of town and they like to send him goodies. Mom wondered why Kyle hadn't opened it yet so she looked on the address. It said to Amanda and Fulmer Thurmond!!! I realized it was from my friends in Virginia, Sequoia and Petunia. Mom opened it for me and there were all kinds of goodies. Two different bags of yummy treats, a chew bone (which makes me happy because Mom just threw my favorite chew bone away), a card, and.....A NEW GREEN BALL!!!!! A green ball that squeaks!!! 

Now I can share one of my green balls with Jasper. Sequoia and Petunia were even nice enough to think of my mom and they sent her some candy canes. She said that Sequoia and Petunia's mom must be a kindred spirit of hers because she loves Christmas candy, especially fruit flavored candy canes. She said she may save one to hang on the tree to remember our nice friends in Virginia. I'm so excited about my new goodies. A great big pug hug and thanks to my friends Sequoia and Petunia from Virginia!!! Now if they can just give me some pointers on how I need to paw it forward??? Until then...Fulmer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's not often that I get worn out during the week with Mom and Daddy working all day. But it's been nice outside so I've gotten to go for walks both Monday and today. I also got to play all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside with the football and in the leaves. Usually I get Mondays to "take off" and rest. But my sister Jasper and I have been chasing each other through the house. I knew the bacon episode would make Jasper like me more. She's been playing with me more often. She's been slapping me a lot more, but she's at least not hiding from me on the table. Today, we played with each other through the sheer. Mom said we were busted because it fell. She also said we were both in trouble. Jasper never gets in trouble. Jasper and I also tag teamed leftover breakfast yesterday morning. She jumped on the counter and got a biscuit that was in a ziplock bag. She got most of it out and shared it with me. I thought that was nice. But we both got in trouble when Mom got home because the evidence was on the floor. I asked Mom how she knew I was involved and she said that used to when Jasper would get bags from the counter there was still food left in them. I said, "so?" She said, "That was before you came along." Oh, busted. I think I'll try to take tomorrow off and nap. Jasper seems to be a bad influence. Or maybe she's just trying to get me in trouble. Cats are devious. Until next time...Fulmer

Monday, November 16, 2009

I love television. I've been told that I'm rare. I especially love watching tv shows with dogs in them. My favorite movie is Cats and Dogs. Mom and Daddy love television too. That's why we have such a big tv and all these machines with wires coming from them. I used to love King of the Hill when Lady Bird was on, but Mom says they got rid of King of the Hill. Why do shows disappear? And what happened to Lady Bird now that the show isn't on? When a show isn't on, then where do the characters go? Take Dallas for instance. Where is JR? Mom says I'm too young to know about Dallas, but I watch her Netflix when she is at work. I want to watch Animal House because it must have animals in it, but Mom says not the animals that I'm thinking of. She said I would like 101 Dalmations or Lady and the Tramp better. She said they are more appropriate for my age too. I asked Mom what movies she liked and she said Twilight. She said I might like New Moon because it has a werewolf but it's a romance. Yuck! I hate romance. It's gross when Mom and Daddy hug and kiss. Do  you have any favorite movies?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom's Home

This is where Jasper and I sit everyday between the hours of 3 and 6. Mom gets home between those hours. When Mom gets home the fun starts because Daddy usually comes home right after her. They are both extra loving and want to hold us and play with us because they say their day is full of stress. Mom always stinks like dirty kids. I love when she tells me the kids hugged her because then she has extra stink and she's in a good mood when they hug her. She says they are really tough third graders who have harder lives than we do so she knows she's doing something right when they love her. When she comes home late she's in a bad mood and all the kid stink has worn off. I think it's because she has adult meetings with no kids and she misses them. I want to go to school with Mom. I think I would like school. I like the white things that she brings home and writes numbers all over. I want some of my own. She also talks about giving the kids treats. I LOVE treats! I hope she's not sharing my treats with them! I wouldn't mind having recess on the playground either. I love playgrounds.  
I've been to Daddy's work. It's really boring. Mom says it's not fun like her job. He makes blueprints all day. She said it's kinda like the white papers she has, only A LOT bigger. She said if she wrote her numbers on them she would get in big trouble. So I don't touch them. 
I miss my Mom and Daddy during the day, but it's nice when they come home because I can tell that they miss me. Plus it's nice to sneak around and see what I can get into during the day. It's nice being a housesitting pug for a living. Until next time...Fulmer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I love toys. I love to play. I have lots of toys which I am usually found toting around the house. Sometimes they even make it to the backyard. When they make it to the backyard they are not found until days later when Daddy goes outside to mow. I leave them in the back yard because Mom like to trick me into coming inside. She acts like she's going to leave me outside then I run after her. I generally drop the toy as I'm running after Mom. 
So today Daddy took me outside because he said I've kept him up too late playing the last couple of nights and I needed to get some energy out. I don't know what that means. But anyways, I found one of my favorite dolls, Patrick. Patrick is the chef from the Chuck E. Cheese characters. Mom and Daddy had been saving it for a baby, but I accidentally found it and played with him. Mom said I might as well just keep him. After I found Patrick Mom said that he was filthy. He must've gotten left out in the rain. I also decided he was filthy so I took him where I always go after I've played in the backyard for awhile: the bathtub! It didn't work right though. Normally when I go to the bathtub, the water turns on and someone helps me out. I had to get Mom to help me out. She didn't give him the same bath I get. She put him in the same bath where the clothes go. Then she told me to be more careful with my toys. Until next time...Fulmer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All I wanted to see were the pigs! Daddy asked Mom what we were having for dinner and she replied, "pigs in the blanket." My ears perked up. One, who eats pigs? Two, why would you eat said pigs in a blanket, especially when it's getting so cold outside? So I listened for Mom to finish making these pigs in the blanket so I could sneak and see them. I tried to roam around the house and figure out which blanket she used. She must've used one of Uncle Kyle's blanket because none of my favorites were missing. While I looked for the missing blanket this amazing smell began to tickle my nose. It smelled like melted cheese mixed with hot dogs. But I don't know why I smelled that! It should've smelled like mud, slop, and burnt cotton. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I ran into the kitchen and jumped up to look in the oven. I wanted to see these pigs in a blanket. I didn't believe that Mom could fit a whole pig in the oven. And I also wanted to make sure she wasn't using one of my orange blankets. All I saw were these biscuits that had hot dogs and cheese in them. I looked at Mom like she was nuts (still don't know what that means, but it sounded good when she said it). She looked at me and said, "Fulmer! What's the big deal? They're just pigs in the blanket! You might actually like one. They have hot dogs in them." Oh, so that's what pigs in the blanket are. FYI, I didn't like it. Biscuits aren't my thing. Who knows what we'll have for dinner tomorrow night?!? Until then, Fulmer

Monday, November 9, 2009

These dry brown things have been falling from the sky for the last couple of weeks. The first few days they fell I got really upset and barked. Mom told me to relax and that they are just leaves. I thought leaves were green and stayed on trees. Anyhow, Mom and Daddy did yard work yesterday. Apparently when these leaves fall it's customary to brush them together in a big pile. I thought the pile was for me to run and jump in. I soon realized it wasn't. I was enjoying my time outside running like a wild banshee as Mom likes to say. She says she can tell I'm in banshee mode because I drop my tail and tuck it between my legs. I tell her I just feel free. Anyways, I was running wild when I got an idea. I decided to run full speed into the pile of leaves. So I run and jump into the leaves and all of a sudden the world disappeared! Everything turned brown! I kept running and looked back to make sure I was still home. I thought I had disappeared into another world. Luckily I hadn't. My Mom and Daddy were standing there. Daddy was yelling because I messed up the leaves and Mom was rolling around the ground laughing. I thought she had hurt herself so I went to make sure she was okay. I soon realized that she was okay because she said, "Fulmer, you're not a pumpkin! You're a nut!". When anyone figures out what this means, please let me know! Until then, Fulmer

Sunday, November 8, 2009

MMMM Bacon!!!

My sister, Jasper, hates me. She is an 8 year old Somali cat. She has lived with Mom her whole life, so she's been around A LOT longer than me. As a matter of fact, Jasper was Mom's only animal for a long time. Until I came around. I still remember the night Daddy brought me home. I'd never seen a cat, but I remember thinking how pretty she was. I tried to walk to her to sniff her, but she hissed at me and slapped me! It didn't hurt because Jasper doesn't have claws. Mom was upset but decided that Jasper would warm up to me. Well, one year later and she still hasn't warmed up to me. She tolerates me a lot more, but she still smacks me a lot. I like to follow her around the house and sniff her tail. It's so pretty. Then she realizes I'm following her and she attacks me. She pretty much stays on the kitchen table because I can't reach her. I like it when she sleeps on the arm of the couch because I like to sit on a cushion so I can be close to her. 
Today I realized that Jasper and I have something in common so maybe she'll decide to like me after all. Mom and Daddy like to make a nice breakfast when they get up on Sundays. They usually make eggs, bacon, and biscuits. So there's Jasper and I waiting for Mom and Daddy to turn their heads so we can sneak food off of their plate when Mom calls us over to her. She holds a piece of bacon to each of us and Jasper took her piece and ate it right beside me. I ate my piece and waited for her to finish so I could try to play with her but she took a really long time. She took so long I thought she was trying to share with me so I ate the rest of hers. She got really mad and slapped me. Then Mom got mad and gave Jasper another piece but not me!!! I still tried to play with Jasper. I tried to share my green ball with her to make up for the bacon, but she didn't want it. I guess I'll have to find another green ball in the front yard so she can have her own. Until then....Fulmer

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mom had a doctors appointment today. Daddy said it was so the radiologist could x-ray her tummy to see if her tummy was okay for babies. I don't know what that means. She came home really happy. Happier than usual and definitely a lot happier than she has been lately. See, Mom and Daddy want a baby. I don't know why they want a baby. I've seen my Uncle Jon's baby and he's gross. He doesn't even have good stink. All he does is cry, poop, and spit up. Mom thinks this is cute. Personally, I would think she would rather just take care of me. You can see from the pic that I'm cute. And I never throw up on her. The only time I ever cry is when one of my toys gets stuck under the couch. 
Honestly, I'm a little scared of a baby. Babies don't like to play. I like to play. When Uncle Jon's baby is around all Mom wants to do is hold him and talk about how cute he is. She completely forgets about me. She won't even let me near him to see him. So when the baby comes will she just completely forget about me? Will I get as much love as I do now? Will I still be her pumpkin? Or will the baby be her new pumpkin? Until then...Fulmer

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fulmer the Great Pumpkin

My mom loves to call me her pumpkin. I really never asked why. I just like it when she loves on me and coos, "My little pumpkin." So today, I got to go to the spa so they could steal my stink. While we were there Mom bought me a Halloween costume much to my dismay. I was actually delighted when I found that it was a pumpkin costume. I thought it would be fun to pretend that I am a real pumpkin. Plus Mom might love on me more if she really thinks I am a pumpkin since she has some kind of infatuation with them. So anyways, we get home and Mom puts the costume on me. Then she stands back and says, "Wow. You almost look like the real Fulmer. The Great Pumpkin." I didn't understand what she meant. So while she wasn't looking I did some research. I typed in The Great Pumpkin Fulmer to google and I found this picture of Phillip Fulmer. See, I'm named after Phillip Fulmer because Mom and Daddy are big Vols fans. They say they gave their first born to UTK to go to school so I guess it must be a great place. I never saw a picture of him though. He really does look like a pumpkin! 

I was a little broken hearted because afterwards I felt like I wasn't Mom's special pumpkin. I pouted a little bit and Mom thought it was because I didn't like my costume. So she gave me some extra special attention. I tried to tell her it was because I wasn't special. I felt like my whole existence was because of some guy that loved football. She said, "Fulmer you are my special pumpkin. I love you. I could never love Coach Fulmer like I love you. I just think he was a great coach. My life has gone on without Coach Fulmer, but my life could never go on without you." And then she cuddled with me. So now I feel proud to wear my pumpkin costume! I was actually kinda getting used to wearing my pumpkin costume until Mom said, "Just wait until Christmas when we get you a new Santa suit. It'll be so cute!" Until then....Fulmer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So Mom and Daddy are talking about Halloween and how all the kids that are going to come to our door. I wondered what Halloween is. Is it where you hollow out weenies and cook them a special way? I pulled my special eavesdropping trick again and then I heard words like costume, trick, treat, and pumpkin. I got really excited about the treat part. I love treats! The pumpkin part made me happy too because Mom says I'm her little pumpkin. The trick part...not so much. I hate doing tricks. The costume part absolutely made me shudder. The more and more I hear about this Halloween the more I hate it. I would miss out on the treat and pumpkin part to not have to dress up. I have awful memories of a santa costume that my Mom and Daddy terrorized me with last Christmas. It all started when Daddy brought me home to surprise Mom for Christmas. I also heard Daddy telling a friend once it was so that Mom would forget about babies for awhile, but I don't understand that one. Anyways, Daddy's mom, my Gigi came over to celebrate me. She brought this awful santa suit and hat for me so that Dad could officially present me to Mom as a Christmas gift. It was so stiff and hot. I couldn't walk straight in it. It weighed more than I did and I kept falling over! I have never been as happy as I was the day I outgrew that awful suit. Mom mistook my smug behavior as depression and bought me a new suit. But this time it was a Tennessee Vols jersey. I loved it!!! Now I just want a Tennessee Titans jersey. But something tells me I need a Titans sweater because Mom and Daddy said the game last Sunday was COLD!!! Until then...Fulmer

Friday, October 16, 2009

So this big green thing and red things have been sitting in the floor for days. They've been slowly collecting clothes. After Mom and Daddy did a million loads of laundry they started putting their favorite clothes in. I started wondering if they were getting rid of all their clothes and going shopping. I thought maybe they might get something for me! Then I started hearing words like "camper", "gone for a week", and "I'm going to miss little Fulmer pup". They only say these words when they're leaving me! So I decided to eavesdrop and play with my green ball right on Mom's lap so I could hear what's going on. I found out that Mom is on Fall Break from school and she's not spending it with me at home. Daddy and she are going to some places called Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. I thought Boston was a type of dog, not a place. Anyways, they are going up on Sunday to see the Titans play the Patriots and decided to stay away for a week "up North" and camp. Mom said something about it being their wedding anniversary, whatever that means. That's why they aren't taking me. Auntie Meg, Uncle Kyle, and Miss Christy are taking care of me. Maybe I'll get to go to the dog park with Miss Christy's dogs, Nella and Hogan. They are nice. Hogan smells good. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to stow away in Mom and Daddy's car. I'll miss them for a week. I hope that they get me a new basball. Until then...Fulmer

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dogs on the Diamond

Do you have toys that remind you of certain memories? I do. I have a baseball that I caught at the Lookout's dogs on the diamond day. It was a foul ball that was hit along the third base line and my Mom went to get it for me. I love going new places, so I was stoked when my Mom took me, Auntie Meggie, and Cousin Kate to the ball field. I love balls!!! I've never seen a game where people hit a small ball like that and run. I love running, too. It was the most fun I've ever had. It was really hot though. But the McKamey Animal Shelter was looking out for us dogs and they provided lots of ice cold water. My Mom even bought vanilla ice cream for all of us. It was deeeelicious!!! I got to run around the bases with Kate before the game so I felt like a celebrity. Here's a pic of us. 

Anyways, I told you about my baseball because it's worn out. The strings are sticking out. Daddy says it's not safe for me so he took it away. It was the best ball ever. Except for my green ball. I'm hoping that Mom takes me to another ball game soon so I can get another ball. Until then...Fulmer

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's always fun when you win!

My parents love football. I like balls, and I love my parents. So I guess it's fun to sit in their lap while they watch a bunch of guys fight over balls. This is my first full football season. I vaguely remember what the end of last year was like. Saturdays were quiet because the Tennessee Vols' season was over really soon apparently. Sundays were loud because the Titans were awesome. But, Mom and Daddy were gone because they went to games in Nashville so I missed a lot of the action. 

Anyways, I've never appreciated football fully until this season because I was adopted so late into last season. And every moment I remember was a good one because they did so well. This season I have realized that football is emotional. We are not always the winners. Sometimes the bad guys win. When the bad guys win Mom and Daddy are in really bad moods. Today we won! Mom and Daddy were really happy because they say it's the first SEC win, whatever that means. I did get kind of confused because they said we beat the dogs. That sounds awful! I thought my parents liked dogs!!! All of their friends were here which is always fun for me. It's nice because the yelling is happy yelling, not mean angry cussing. I always feel like I'm in trouble when I hear that. 

So, everyone was in such a good mood that they decided to take me outside to play! They brought Uncle Kyle's Nerf football to throw. But I thought they took it out to throw to me! But they didn't! They threw it really high to each other and they were standing really far apart. I kept running back and forth to catch it, but they wouldn't throw it low enough for me. After running back and forth so much, I started to get out of breath. I also got really upset. So finally I collapsed at Uncle Kyle's feet and started telling him how mean they were being. I'm a little guy! It's almost as if they were playing pug in the middle! They finally let me play with it and it really wasn't that fun. The ball was too big for my snout. I told Daddy I wanted to go back inside and get my green ball after some cold water. It was a fun experience. They said that was fine because the Bama Auburn was on. All in all, If the football was orange I would've liked it better. Until then...Fulmer.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I hate Mom's job

My mom is gone all day everyday. Then when she comes home she's mean. See mom is a teacher. She has 22 third graders at an inner city school. I don't know what this mean, but when people are over and she's talking about it I hear lots of "bless your heart" or "I just don't know how you do it". 
Anyways, when she quits being mean and makes dinner I can sit on her lap and she loves on me, but then she starts working again!!! She gets all these white thin things out and writes numbers on them. I like to chew and play with them. She gets REALLY upset when I do this. But I can't help it. They look like leaves. This is a picture of me watching t.v. while Mom finishes whatever it is that you call it. 
I also hate it when she gets out the white thing that I write this blog on. She puts it right in her lap... right in my spot! I'm starting to think it's some sort of a pet because sometimes it makes weird noises and changes faces. But she doesn't give it treats like she gives me so she must love me more. And it sleeps in a case. I get to sleep in the bed. Ha!
Most of all, I hate that Mom has to get up super early. She gets up before it's even light. Sometimes I get up and help her get ready. I try to help her with her pants, but she acts like she doesn't need my help. The only thing I like about Mom getting up early is that I get Daddy all to myself. I jump back in the bed and keep him company. He never says thanks though. He always says, "Fulmer Dammit!" I thought my last name was Thurmond. I think he's confused. 
Hopefully one day Mom will stay home with me more often. Especially when her and Daddy get this baby thing they keep talking about. Until then...Fulmer

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love new places!

I heard those 8 magical words this afternoon. I thought Mom was pulling my tail when she said, "Do you want to go for a ride?" because she was still making dinner. She told me she said that so that Daddy would have to take us somewhere because I get excited and he can't turn me down. I'm glad to know that Mom is on my side. And it's been so long since I've been somewhere fun because of all the rain we've had. I feel like I've been inside for a month! So anyways, there I am waiting on Mom, Daddy, and Uncle Kyle to finish eating dinner and they were discussing where to go. See, recently, Chattanooga opened up some new areas for dogs, but apparently they aren't 100% doggy ready yet, but Mom and Daddy didn't want to go to the dog park. I've been picked on pretty bad the last couple of times. They decided to take me to a dog friendly park named Renaissance Park. I was so excited on the way because it wasn't even a part of town I was familiar with. We finally get there and..... it was so amazing! It was right on the river. Mom and Daddy love the river because it makes them feel like they are back at their old house. Daddy also LOVES to fish. As a matter of fact, this is me waiting impatiently while Daddy looks for fish by a pier. The walk was so much fun. There was a group of other moms exercising. I don't understand why Mom, Daddy, and Uncle Kyle kept laughing at them. I thought it looked really fun. Mom wouldn't let me go play with them, and I didn't think that was fair at all! After a walk through the park I was pooped and ready to go home. Now my family and I are even more excited for Chattanooga to open up more dog friendly areas. Until then...your pal, Fulmer

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So there I was playing and cuddling on my mom's lap. Everything was going great. She was rubbing my belly, I was licking her elbow. These are some of my favorite times. Then, suddenly, I was flipped over on my back and next thing I know my mom's face is on my belly. I felt this warm vibrating feeling that tickled really bad! So I did what any normal pug would do. I started yapping and kicking. Apparently I made contact. With my mom. In her face. More specifically, her eye. My mom can now say that a 11 month old pug gave her a shiner. My mom says I love her too hard. I don't think so. I just love her a lot. And I like to play hard. Not a good combo apparently. Needless to say, I was put in timeout (aka kicked off her lap). I was worried I wouldn't be able to cuddle with her in bed. But I think she missed loving on me and felt bad. Oh what a little moping will do. Tee hee hee. Until next time... Fulmer the Pug

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi There!

After reading posts from my fellow pugs I decided to follow suit! I have to admit after almost a full year of being alive it's getting kinda boring sitting by the front door and barking at things happening. Even if I don't see them happening. I know they are happening. I mean afterall, I did randomly find this nifty green ball in the yard. I hope it's not the girls' across the street. They will surely miss it, as it's now one of my favorite toys.
Mom and Dad aren't paying much attention to me right now anyways so I need some good friends to listen to me babble on here. The Vols and the Titans are having a really bad season so far. They spend more time yelling at the t.v. and talking about crappy quarterbacks. Personally, I don't think the Vols should have gotten rid of Coach Fulmer. However, if they hadn't...I don't know what I'd be named! 
Until next, Fulmer