Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate it but it feels so good!

I would have to say that getting groomed and cleaned is my least favorite activity ever. A close second would be getting dressed in a santa suit. Normally, Mom takes me to Pet Smart so they can steal my stink, make my teeth feel smooth, stick things into my ears, trim my nails (which I don't mind because that just means that Mom doesn't have to do it), then file my nails. They also give me a special pug treatment where they steal the stink between my folds! How dare them! I can't believe that Mom actually pays people to take away my hard earned stink. 
Anyways, I've noticed that Jasper also gets groomed, but she likes it. It must be because she's a girl. I was watching Mom brush Jasper one night and I wondered why she never brushes me. I got kinda jealous. So Daddy decided to give it a try. It made me feel like a sissy! I tried to make Daddy remember I'm a boy (since they seem to have forgotten because they also stole my boy parts - gah what's with the stealing?) by running circles around him. But the more he brushed me the better it felt. I finally decided to sit still for him. Then I realized that I'm a boy puppy. I'm supposed to be crazy hyper and not sit still for anything, so I gave in to my inner pug and went haywire. Daddy finally gave up. So long brush! Until next time...Fulmer