Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paw it Forward

I have new toys thanks to Sequoia, Petunia, and their mom!!! Today my mom was checking the mail that Uncle Kyle brought in. There was a huge package and normally when there's a package it's Kyle's because his family lives out of town and they like to send him goodies. Mom wondered why Kyle hadn't opened it yet so she looked on the address. It said to Amanda and Fulmer Thurmond!!! I realized it was from my friends in Virginia, Sequoia and Petunia. Mom opened it for me and there were all kinds of goodies. Two different bags of yummy treats, a chew bone (which makes me happy because Mom just threw my favorite chew bone away), a card, and.....A NEW GREEN BALL!!!!! A green ball that squeaks!!! 

Now I can share one of my green balls with Jasper. Sequoia and Petunia were even nice enough to think of my mom and they sent her some candy canes. She said that Sequoia and Petunia's mom must be a kindred spirit of hers because she loves Christmas candy, especially fruit flavored candy canes. She said she may save one to hang on the tree to remember our nice friends in Virginia. I'm so excited about my new goodies. A great big pug hug and thanks to my friends Sequoia and Petunia from Virginia!!! Now if they can just give me some pointers on how I need to paw it forward??? Until then...Fulmer


  1. Fulmer, you're so cute! Have fun with your green ball and enjoy your treats!

  2. Fulmer, you are one happy pug with that new green ball of yours!

  3. Yeah! We are so glad you liked the stuff especially the green ball we told Mom you were looking for one to share with Jasper. You can paw it forward, just ask who wants to play! This was our first time and we think thats all you do :)