Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom and Daddy are Home!!!

Mom and Daddy went to Nashville over the weekend to go to the Titan's game. They said it was an awesome game. I don't know because Auntie Megan watched me and Auntie Megan doesn't like football. Anyways, I was excited for them to come home because Mom and Daddy went Christmas shopping early Friday morning and they didn't come home with anything for me!!! They said they were going to a huge mall called Opry Mills and that they would get something for me there. I waited all day Saturday and all day Sunday for them to come home. When they finally got home they said it was bed time and they wouldn't unpack yet. So I had to wait again all day today for them to get home. They finally got home and unpacked their goodies. I got a Titan's football and a Titan's t-shirt!!! I'm so excited. They also bought a Smokey doll but they said I'm not allowed to have it because it's for someone else...something about a baby. I'm sure I'll just accidentally find it one day and accidentally play with it. 
I was so glad to have Mom and Daddy home. I miss them when they leave. I just want to lay in their laps when they get home. So that's what I did tonight. I was excited about my new toys, but most of all I was excited that Mom and Daddy were home. Maybe tomorrow I'll play with my new things. Until then...Fulmer


  1. Aw, Fulmer. I know how it is. I don't like when my human leaves either. You look happy to have your lap back though.

    Laps rule, don't they?

  2. Hey Fulmer, I'm glad you got a Titans' jersey out of it anyway! I'll be driving through Nashville tomorrow on the way back home, and through Indianapolis where the Titans will be playing tomorrow. I'm glad your Mom and Daddy are home. It's nice to have a happy Fulmer! :)