Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the Season

Mom has forgotten to help me with my blog for the last couple of weeks! Sorry friends. Every time I would nudge her towards the computer she would say, "Not now Fulmer, there's too much to do." She's been in the kitchen baking, out shopping, and putting paper around things that she buys! She's also been busy with what she calls "last minute school stuff" because apparently due to this Christmas thing Mom gets out of school for two whole weeks! I think I can handle wearing the awful Santa suit to have Mom with me for two weeks. So now she says that she'll help me make up all the blogging days that I missed. She said it would probably be a better idea to make a list of all the things that happened to give everyone a taste and then go back and write my story about them. So here goes:
1. My Gigi brought my new Santa suit over and they made me wear it. (UGH!)
2. Mom had a rain day at school and stayed home with me! (in the South, we don't get snow- so if it rains too much they let school out)
3. Playing with the Christmas tree and trying to help Mom and Daddy unwrap the presents (but they say it's too early)
4. Talk of a new pug
5. A strange man coming to our house and making it stink
6. SPA DAY!!! (and my snazzy pic with Santa...I'm glad it's him wearing the suit this time!)
7. Cozying up to Jasper...and she likes it!!!
That's pretty much my last couple of weeks in a nutshell. And yes you did read correctly...Mom and Daddy are thinking about getting me a little brother or sister!!! And this time I didn't hear the word baby with it. I heard PUG!!!! I've been trying to be extra good so they will hurry up, but they say it may be awhile. Until then...Fulmer

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom and Daddy are Home!!!

Mom and Daddy went to Nashville over the weekend to go to the Titan's game. They said it was an awesome game. I don't know because Auntie Megan watched me and Auntie Megan doesn't like football. Anyways, I was excited for them to come home because Mom and Daddy went Christmas shopping early Friday morning and they didn't come home with anything for me!!! They said they were going to a huge mall called Opry Mills and that they would get something for me there. I waited all day Saturday and all day Sunday for them to come home. When they finally got home they said it was bed time and they wouldn't unpack yet. So I had to wait again all day today for them to get home. They finally got home and unpacked their goodies. I got a Titan's football and a Titan's t-shirt!!! I'm so excited. They also bought a Smokey doll but they said I'm not allowed to have it because it's for someone else...something about a baby. I'm sure I'll just accidentally find it one day and accidentally play with it. 
I was so glad to have Mom and Daddy home. I miss them when they leave. I just want to lay in their laps when they get home. So that's what I did tonight. I was excited about my new toys, but most of all I was excited that Mom and Daddy were home. Maybe tomorrow I'll play with my new things. Until then...Fulmer

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where's the turkey????

    Not under the t.v.!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate it but it feels so good!

I would have to say that getting groomed and cleaned is my least favorite activity ever. A close second would be getting dressed in a santa suit. Normally, Mom takes me to Pet Smart so they can steal my stink, make my teeth feel smooth, stick things into my ears, trim my nails (which I don't mind because that just means that Mom doesn't have to do it), then file my nails. They also give me a special pug treatment where they steal the stink between my folds! How dare them! I can't believe that Mom actually pays people to take away my hard earned stink. 
Anyways, I've noticed that Jasper also gets groomed, but she likes it. It must be because she's a girl. I was watching Mom brush Jasper one night and I wondered why she never brushes me. I got kinda jealous. So Daddy decided to give it a try. It made me feel like a sissy! I tried to make Daddy remember I'm a boy (since they seem to have forgotten because they also stole my boy parts - gah what's with the stealing?) by running circles around him. But the more he brushed me the better it felt. I finally decided to sit still for him. Then I realized that I'm a boy puppy. I'm supposed to be crazy hyper and not sit still for anything, so I gave in to my inner pug and went haywire. Daddy finally gave up. So long brush! Until next time...Fulmer

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paw it Forward...My turn!!!

I am so excited about all my new things that Sequoia and Petunia sent me that I am going to paw it forward. If anyone is interested in playing please email your name and address to my mom at

Until then...Fulmer

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paw it Forward

I have new toys thanks to Sequoia, Petunia, and their mom!!! Today my mom was checking the mail that Uncle Kyle brought in. There was a huge package and normally when there's a package it's Kyle's because his family lives out of town and they like to send him goodies. Mom wondered why Kyle hadn't opened it yet so she looked on the address. It said to Amanda and Fulmer Thurmond!!! I realized it was from my friends in Virginia, Sequoia and Petunia. Mom opened it for me and there were all kinds of goodies. Two different bags of yummy treats, a chew bone (which makes me happy because Mom just threw my favorite chew bone away), a card, and.....A NEW GREEN BALL!!!!! A green ball that squeaks!!! 

Now I can share one of my green balls with Jasper. Sequoia and Petunia were even nice enough to think of my mom and they sent her some candy canes. She said that Sequoia and Petunia's mom must be a kindred spirit of hers because she loves Christmas candy, especially fruit flavored candy canes. She said she may save one to hang on the tree to remember our nice friends in Virginia. I'm so excited about my new goodies. A great big pug hug and thanks to my friends Sequoia and Petunia from Virginia!!! Now if they can just give me some pointers on how I need to paw it forward??? Until then...Fulmer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's not often that I get worn out during the week with Mom and Daddy working all day. But it's been nice outside so I've gotten to go for walks both Monday and today. I also got to play all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside with the football and in the leaves. Usually I get Mondays to "take off" and rest. But my sister Jasper and I have been chasing each other through the house. I knew the bacon episode would make Jasper like me more. She's been playing with me more often. She's been slapping me a lot more, but she's at least not hiding from me on the table. Today, we played with each other through the sheer. Mom said we were busted because it fell. She also said we were both in trouble. Jasper never gets in trouble. Jasper and I also tag teamed leftover breakfast yesterday morning. She jumped on the counter and got a biscuit that was in a ziplock bag. She got most of it out and shared it with me. I thought that was nice. But we both got in trouble when Mom got home because the evidence was on the floor. I asked Mom how she knew I was involved and she said that used to when Jasper would get bags from the counter there was still food left in them. I said, "so?" She said, "That was before you came along." Oh, busted. I think I'll try to take tomorrow off and nap. Jasper seems to be a bad influence. Or maybe she's just trying to get me in trouble. Cats are devious. Until next time...Fulmer