Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's not often that I get worn out during the week with Mom and Daddy working all day. But it's been nice outside so I've gotten to go for walks both Monday and today. I also got to play all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside with the football and in the leaves. Usually I get Mondays to "take off" and rest. But my sister Jasper and I have been chasing each other through the house. I knew the bacon episode would make Jasper like me more. She's been playing with me more often. She's been slapping me a lot more, but she's at least not hiding from me on the table. Today, we played with each other through the sheer. Mom said we were busted because it fell. She also said we were both in trouble. Jasper never gets in trouble. Jasper and I also tag teamed leftover breakfast yesterday morning. She jumped on the counter and got a biscuit that was in a ziplock bag. She got most of it out and shared it with me. I thought that was nice. But we both got in trouble when Mom got home because the evidence was on the floor. I asked Mom how she knew I was involved and she said that used to when Jasper would get bags from the counter there was still food left in them. I said, "so?" She said, "That was before you came along." Oh, busted. I think I'll try to take tomorrow off and nap. Jasper seems to be a bad influence. Or maybe she's just trying to get me in trouble. Cats are devious. Until next time...Fulmer


  1. You look so cute napping there. Sounds like you had a busy day. And yeah, sometimes cats can be devious, but you'll eventually love Jasper again (especially the next time she shares a treat with you). :)

  2. We hope Jasper shared with you becasue he wants to be friends. It sounds like he is really warming up to you, who couldn't resist your sweetness!